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Who needs Tchaikovsky? says Putin’s minister

Amid the swathe of cuts that we have been reporting in Russian culture, one of the casualties is the definitive Tchaikovsky edition being prepared for his anniversary year, 2015, which Putin has declared Year of Tchaikovsky.

But for months there has been no money coming in from the Government. So the Tchaikovsky edition people went to see the deputy culture minister Grigory Ivlieva. His listened to their woes, then said, ‘who needs Tchaikovsky?’

Read all about it in Izvestia.

Could it be that the new opera house which Putin has built for Valery Gergiev is draining all the money out of the system?

mariinsky new

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  1. Rob van der Hilst says:

    Well… my knowledge of the Russian language is a bit underdeveloped: what is the full text in Izvestia, in english par préférence?

  2. Rosana Martins says:

    Does anyone know the cost of the new Mariinsky Hall?

  3. Tchaikovsky is as great as Mozart, Beethoven Bach and Mahler. He’s probably the greatest melody composer in the history of music. We’ll never know the melodies he would have composed had he not died so prematurely.

  4. stanley cohen says:

    Translation of article in Izvestia
    ;-Ministry of Culture spared money on the complete works of Tchaikovsky
    The new administration departments do not hurry to fulfill the promise of ex-Minister Alexander Avdeev
    Because of the conflict, the Ministry of Culture c five subordinate research institutes in jeopardy was a major project – the publication of the complete works (CAP) by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, planned for the 175th anniversary of his birth. Lips State Secretary Minister, Mr. Ivlieva Ministry of Culture actually declared unprofitable and high cost of the project.

    Lead researcher at the State House Museum Tchaikovsky Polina Weidmann said “News”, a comment that deputy culture minister Grigory Ivlieva about the project for the production of Tchaikovsky’s MSS “denigrates the idea of ​​the project as a national status.”
    - There is already a presidential decree that 2015 was declared the Year of Tchaikovsky, – said Ms. Weidman. – We prepare four volumes of his compositions are competitive. Publishing is set and proofreading for their money. Soon there will be need money, this is a paltry sum, even when compared with the amounts tending to manufacture souvenirs. How are we going to do next, if in fact the Deputy Minister said: “Who needs Tchaikovsky”?
    With the idea of ​​reprinting the complete works of Pauline Weidmann and People’s Artist of the USSR, the artistic director of the Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Fedoseyev appealed to the Ministry of Culture back in 2010. The idea was supported Minister Alexander Avdeev. After an audience with the Minister of the case was transferred to the Office of the Director of the Department of State supporting the arts Shalashova Alexis, who in the summer of that year he was familiar with the cost and timing of the publication.
    In addition, in the summer of 2011 Fedoseyev and Pauline Weidmann wrote another request, this time Vladimir Putin, while the head of the Russian government. In a letter at the disposal of “Izvestia”, requesting a dedicated team of scientists in the State of the State Institute of Art History in the amount of 3-4 units, as well as the financial support of the music publisher in Chelyabinsk (MPI), who took over the production of 60 volumes of the meeting. As a result, the situation became interested while presidential adviser on culture Yuri Laptev.
    - In December 2011, a meeting was organized by Yuri Laptev, which was attended by Director of the House-Museum of Tchaikovsky Galina Belonovich, Maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev, head of the Chelyabinsk Spiritual printing Igor, who on behalf of publishers expressed readiness to begin work at the expense of internal resources. – Told “Izvestia Ms. Weidman. – Mr. Laptev approached the problem seriously and constructively. We started to work. It is now ready to proof-musical score by Tchaikovsky First Concerto. Work is underway in the publishing house to develop the design of the series, the musical text of the rules of registration in accordance with international standards and the requirements of authentic editions. All of this – on a voluntary basis, but soon we will need money for printing, at least for the first volume.
    However, at the moment the project was hanging in the air. No money. Yuri Laptev and Culture Ministry declined to comment.
    At an expanded meeting of the Academic Council of the State Institute of Art with the current Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, held on December 11, Pauline Weidmann again raised the issue of the legacy of the great Russian composer. This, according to Ms. Weidman, the minister said he did not have to answer for their predecessors and asked to speak to him personally.
    According to Pauline Weidmann, in the current situation, the only option to get funding – to join the ministry’s target program “Culture of Russia” on the same basis, which actually means a long-term suspension of the project has already begun.
    The need to re-release the complete works of Tchaikovsky’s long overdue: the last time an attempt was made in release PSS 1940 and continued until the early 1980s. In 60 volumes included the most famous works of the composer, including numerous bills. The purpose of the new CAP – publish authentic composing text. According to the project’s house museum in the new collection should be more than 60 volumes with scholarly commentaries. It is planned to publish two volumes a year. The sum of the costs – up to 1.5 million rubles for that.

    Читайте далее:

    • “According to the project’s house museum in the new collection should be more than 60 volumes with scholarly commentaries. It is planned to publish two volumes a year. The sum of the costs – up to 1.5 million rubles for that.”

      This is possibly a mistake in Google Translate. “Up to 1.5 million roubles PER VOLUME” would be how I would translate the last 2 or 3 sentences which read:

      “По проекту Дома-музея в новом сборнике должно быть более 60 томов с научными комментариями. Планируется выпускать два тома в год. Сумма предполагаемых затрат — до 1,5 млн рублей за том.

      • After checking the exchange rate of the Russian rouble, the sum of 1.5 million roubles amounts to approx. $50,000 — it would be very cheap indeed to publish all 60 volumes of scholarly editions for that amount. :)

  5. neil van der linden says:

    I know Grigory is a common Russian name, but in this context it sounds like one of the bad guys (if there are any good) in a Mussorgsky opera.

  6. Fabio Fabrici says:

    We know Putin is not loved here, but it’s not Putin’s minister. Putin today is the President, not the Prime Minister.

    • Dear Fabio, you really don’t quite get the system there. It doesn’t matter what title Putin’s got or what’s the name of the current minister. Putin is the boss and without his personal decision nothing moves.

      • Fabio Fabrici says:

        Well, have you read the information available. The common Putin bashing comes cheap, but what happened here is that Putin – then Prime Minister – committed through his cultural deputy Yuri Laptev to the project, and it is the NEW culture minister, now not under Putin but under a new Prime minister, who questions what during Putin’s reign had been decided.

        Ahh, to heck with these details…

  7. Oh, don’t start me on the cultural affairs in Russia! It’s not that they haven’t got the money, it’s just that they don’t care for anything that doesn’t have anything to do with the government’s political agenda or personal financial interests. Norman – thank you so much for being in tune with these things. x

  8. There’s a Wikipedia article on Mariinsky’s “Second Stage”, which is to open next month. The budget for the realized construction project was €295 million when the design was selected, but there have been several delays since. I couldn’t find out what the final sum ended up being. The first architectural competition in 2003 was won by Dominique Perrault, but his design was rejected (at least partly because of projected cost) and a new competition held. The realized building has been designed by Diamond and Schmitt Architects.,_Second_stage

  9. This entire translation is very approximate. One fairly important mistake in it is the attribution of the question that NL inserted into his headline. The article does not quote the Deputy Minister of Culture whose name is Grigory Ivliev (there should be no “a” at the end – it is a feature of Russian grammar with its declension and the particular case used in the text) directly. It does say that he called the project unprofitable and expensive. Then it quotes Polina Vaidman as saying, “How are we supposed to proceed when the Deputy Minister is telling us, in essence: Who needs Tchaikovsky?”. The text makes it clear that in fact Mr. Ivliev never uttered those precise words, but Ms. Vaidman interprets what he actually said as implying that rhetorical question. This does not change the general feeling of the situation but it may be an important legal point.

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