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While we were away….

Slipped Disc has been off-message for a  couple of days, during which time:

1 San Francisco resolved its symphony strike with face saved on both sides.

2 The Sydney Symphony called off a Euro tour because the Russians wouldn’t give a good deal.

3 Franz Welser-Möst dropped out of Vienna’s Parsifal with… a slipped disc (or similar lower back complaint).


Back tomorrow….

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  1. Great news about the SFO, a real live wire, liberation band. Get well soon FWM!

  2. Wing-chi Chan says:

    I recently heard from friends in St. Paul that the general public, through reports of the media, believe that the musicians, of Minnesota Orchestra, have been on strike only because they request for a raise on their wages but their demand has been turned down. The general public does not recognize the fact that actually the Minnesota Orchestra management is the starting-the-issue party who has demanded a big cut to the musicians’ on-going compensation scale!?

  3. PK Miller says:

    I’m glad the SF Symphony resolved its strike. It should not have happened. Something I did not understand till I joined the Board of an area non-profit is funds encumbered for a specific purpose cannot be used for another. We had a substantial bequest specifically for a full time Advocate (it was an Independent Living Center). We asked the family, pretty please, but they would not allow us to use the money for any other purpose. Just so, funds earmarked for the hall itself cannot unilaterally be used for orchestra payroll.

    As to Parsifal, I wish Jonas Kauffman could step in. He sang Parsifal so gloriously at The Met. (It’s a killer role! I’m still amazed that I sang it in a concert performance at age 18! I was a budding Heldentenor then! I had sung the aprt in rehearsals. The tenor engaged canceled abruptly. The show must go on! I would’ve KILLED any of my students who ever did that!

    • Errr… Kaufmann had already cancelled and wasn’t singing when FWM withdrew mid-performance… Kaufmann is due to return to the production tomorrow (when Adam Fischer will conduct).

      And by Wagner tenor standards it’s not really a killer role. It’s not high and the tenor only sings for about 20 minutes….

      • Fabio Fabrici says:

        Indeed. One of the killer role for tenors is Siegfried. As could be witnessed, according to well informed people who attended, in Berlin last Sunday, when Ian Storey “malfunctioned” in Barenboim’s Gotterdammerung and could only end the 3rd act with a preliminary announcement about his ill voice and a thermos full of some liquid in his hand (sic) which he used frequently to oil the strained vocal chords between phrases. It’s a hell of a job. Parsifal is a piece of cake in comparison.

  4. James Dean says:

    At least the Russians gave the Sydney Symphony Orchestra a deal. You try getting a good touring orchestral deal in Australia….

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