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Video: Teatro Colon musicians take their dispute to the streets of Buenos Aires

The musicians are demanding longer breaks, among other improvements in their working conditions. Yesterday’s protest was staged outside the labour tribunal.

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  1. John Kelly says:

    I’ve been to BA twice. Both times these guys were on strike. Almost every day there’s some street protest in BA by some workers group, marching along, banging a bass drum and protesting. A pity, it’s a wonderful country and BA is a fabulous city. Not so fabulous when the opera is off and you’ve flown half way around the world to go to it :(

  2. Sorry, but that’s jut a COMPLETE misinformation!!!
    First: there’s currently NO strike going on, this was a supportive concert at a time and day none of the Colon musicians work (Mondays are always off).
    Second: the protest didn’t have anything to do with working conditions, but instead with a big scandal: after the strike two years ago, several delegates were sued by the theater for said strike, a process which in itself is an attack against the very system of functioning of unions and democracy!! The musicians met for a concert in front of the tribunal, where the judges are to decide in last instance whether one of the delegates will loose the union protection (and thus his job) or not.
    For further information (in Spanish) please go to

  3. …oh and I forgot to comment: to one of the delegates, Patricia Pérez, the direction of the Teatro Colón actually sent her note of dismissal to her hospital room, where she was fighting against cancer!!! A fight she subsequently lost…

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