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Video: Reopened Rijksmuseum gets heavily mobbed

In case you haven’t seen it yet…

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  1. Geoff Radnor says:

    I do see a little commercial message from the ING Bank who made this very professional sort of Flashmob. but it was worthwhile.

  2. Where’s the dog?

  3. Paul Kelly says:

    Well it makes a dull-looking shopping centre slightly more interesting.

  4. mitzouko says:

    Great! Better than the drugs scene we know from Amsterdam. And the young ones should also be brought
    to this phantastic museum. The paintings were brought to life, the beautifully dressed persons come down from the frame..

  5. Thomas Müller says:

    Great performance. invite one to visit the museum.

  6. What an unfortunate choice of music. Does Rembrandt really need the OtJ for credibility? In Holland, of all places? Besides, the anachronism is too jarring. I’m guessing it was inserted after the fact.

  7. We couldn’t possibly do this in America. Unfortunately, too many people would be afraid that a mass shooting was about to occur.

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