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Transfer news: Migrant Russian gets US foothold

Andrey Boreyko, the Brussels and Düsseldorf music director, has landed himself an orchestra in Florida. It’s the Naples Philharmonic, entering its 25th year and high on ambition. Boreyko, 55, made his name in Shostakovich and Mahler. Will he keep all three jobs?


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  1. Brian Larson says:

    Former Winnipeg, Canada – Music Director also if I’m not mistaken. Congratulations Andrey – and hopefully some good times for Naples Philharmonic. I played many concerts with Mr. Boreyko as he was Principal Guest in Vancouver, BC, during the 90′s / early 2000′s. Enjoyed the concerts very much.

    • I give Boreyko particular credit for the Winnipeg Symphony’s winter New Music Festival. Boreyko didn’t start the festival, but he reportedly presided over some good ones – good enough to get contemporary music fans to travel to Winnipeg in January, which is a considerable achievement.

  2. Peter Vanderputte says:

    As far as I know Boreyko still is musicdirector in Brussels ( Belgian National Orchestra ).

  3. Peter Vanderputte says:

    And the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker claim that Boreyko is their generalmusikdirektor.

    Should/can we conclude that mr. Boreyko will be working with three orchestras?

  4. Tom Watrous says:

    This is indeed glorious news for the Naples Philharmonic!

    I was fortunate to spend four wonderful years with Andrey in Winnipeg. His tenure was the highlight of 38 years in the WSO.

    There were fabulous experiences – the Mahler 3rd and 9th, the Sibelius 2nd, and the Shosti 10th and 13th. Also a searing Schubert “Unfinished” that was a religious testament – beyond anything I could have imagined or anticipated. Also telling was a “Night on Bald Mountain” (!) that was a revelation….

    Every best wish for Andrey in his new post!

  5. Oleg Sherstiucoff says:

    He is here,he is there is ……. everywhere.Just kidding.
    My Congratulations to Mr. “Replicating Generalmusikdirektor.”. LOL.

  6. A GREAT conductor indeed. I would put higher than Gergiev and Jansons. Boreyko should be in charge of the Berlin Philharmonic.

  7. Andrey Boreyko says:

    Dear Tom, and Brian! Thank you for your kind words. I recall with great pleasure our common work, both in Winnipeg and Vancouver. The DVD of the concert performance of Mahler’s Ninth remains for me an evidence of what fabulous results can be achieved with a complete mutual understanding between the conductor and the orchestra. I send my very best wishes to you and your family.

    With regards to the question about the three orchestras: No, I am not planning to work in three countries and with three orchestras simultaneously. My contract with the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker ends in the summer of 2014 and the first full concert season in Naples begins in the autumn of 2015.

    Thank you to all who send me congratulations.

  8. Matthew Sonneborn says:

    When Andrey Boreyko conducted here in Naples I was fully engaged in every second of rehearsal. It was like watching an organist pull the various stops while playing a difficult 32nd note passage with the feet, lyrically managing the keyboard and changing colors, lengths of notes and every part of what he wanted to manage effortlessly. To say he is a virtuoso is an understatement. The technique only enhances his overall musical vision which is as clear as a bell. Our future, our music making is very bright here indeed.

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