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The Wagner family soap opera is being filmed … as TV soap opera

Film director Oliver Berben has confirmed that he is making a 110-minute film on the Wagner family for ZDF. Shooting starts next month. It’s a big deal in Germany.


Cosima is to be played by Iris Berben, making it even more of a family saga.

iris berben

A request to film at the Festpielhaus in Bayreuth has been coolly declined.

I wonder who he gets to play the English son-in-law, Houston Stewart Chamberpot.

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  1. Steve de Mena says:

    Something I read said there are renovations going on at Bayreuth Festpielhaus, which is what prevented them from filming there.

  2. I’m all for poetic licence, but a soap opera is by definition episodice & fictional and is aired in a serial format. What you are describing is a 110min tv-movie. And the real-life history of the Wagners etc etc…

    Not sure why this flippant misrepresentation annoyed me more than all the others on your blog, but there you go…must be a slow Friday…

  3. If you read your own link you would see that Heino Ferch is playing Chamberlain!!

  4. The Wagner “family soap opera” is being filmed?

    You mean someones’s filming the Ring? ;-)

  5. This television film will be centred on Cosima and will start from the date of Wagner’s death. It will apparently focus on the internal family power struggles and the nascent anti-Semitism. Given the subject-matter, the pedigree of the production team and that this has been commissioned by ZDF, I think the project deserves more than being glibly mocked as a TV soap opera.

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