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The violins that were plucked from the Holocaust

WDAV, the NPR affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina, is airing a documentary about an Israeli luthier, Amnon Weinstein, who has devoted his life to restoring and rebuilding instruments that were retrieved from the European killing fields. Some 18 of the instruments went on display in Charlotte and were played in concert by Shlomo Mintz, Hagai Shaham and others.

Listen to the WDAV documentary, along with several performances, right here.


Hat-tip: Marie Lamb at WCNY, Syracuse.

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  1. no comment necessary

  2. Michael Schaffer says:

    I will be passing through Charlotte twice this month, from and to the airport on my way to other locations in the Carolinas, but maybe I can stop by and take a look at the exhibition.

  3. Will there be a CD of these instruments being played?

  4. Stephen says:

    I participated in a performance of Lawrence Siegel’s “Kaddish” yesterday. It was difficult and emotional frm start to finish. As a singer i was singing text that was the result of interviews with Holocaust survivors, some of whom were in the audience.
    My point is this. Witness. The violins are witnesses. It is true that when they speak, they recall to mind and bring into this present- their presence. that’s how I felt yesterday as I sang the words and music. I have become a witness through Mr. Siegel, being witness. If there are enough of us, in every age, we will be able to make good on the promise, “Never Again.”
    “Violins of Hope” by the way is housed at the University of North Carolina (US) where that state legislature is entertaining a proposed law to make “Christianity” their state religion. Ironic and frightening a;; at once. Time is short.

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