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The Royal Opera House wishes to be known for its retro bathroom fittings

We cannot see the point of this nouvelle vague ROH promo video for the new season. Can you? Maybe it reads better in Danish.

And where are the artist credits? What is the point of this overstylised vacuity?

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  1. Are they doing the Makropoulos Case? Is that producer who mucked up Onegin going to be allowed another go (hence the bathroom dancers…)? If only I could afford a ticket for any production!!

  2. I’d say it’s a success if they were shooting for a seedy, Silence of the Lambs vibe. Otherwise, very poor effort.

  3. fab singing…any idea who it is?

    • Errr… Maria Callas (who curiously enough ISN’T appearing at Covent Garden any time soon…)

  4. Sebastian Petit says:

    There are tickets as low as 20 quid for almost all productions! Surely most people can afford that! Good deal chepaer than football…

    • Emil Archambault says:

      And starting at 6 £ for Gloriana, and the other affordable opera productions. Not counting standing room, which I believe is even cheaper.

  5. Oh come on, brilliant. A play of icons and emotions. Callas, of course, who embodies all of the above and more, and La Voix Humaine, idem. Plus, surprisingly, it dares the viewers to get it. (As is evidenced by the comments so far…)

    • Rosana Martins says:

      I don’t find the presentation interesting at all, but rather obvious. Callas has always been above all and listening to her singing, or rather, recognizing her voice is needless and patently obvious!
      If the ROH wished to promote it’s season, it should have used some of the scheduled artists and operas.

  6. Sam McElroy says:

    I LOVE it! Full of the humor and pathos I would expect from Kasper Holten. White-tiled banality momentarily erased by the voice of Callas, even from an old casette deck, so beautiful that even a man wants to be her, if only for a moment, his sterile quarters transformed in his fantasy to the dressing room and stage of the Royal Opera and Ballet. I think it is a wonderfully imaginative way of challenging the viewer to bring beauty to the drabness of life’s daily grind, to embrace the transcendence and fantasy of the musical language, and to turn off our phones for a while….! 10 out of 10! :)

    • I’m with Sam on this one.I think the video tells more of a story in under two minutes than some feature films manage in two hours. Thought provoking, original, and moving.

  7. Rosana Martins says:

    Pathetic! Besides not mentioning the names of the artists, why do they feel the need to dub Maria Callas? Does ROH think its scheduled singers are not good?

    • I assume the scheduled singers either (a) have exclusive recording contracts which require hoops to be jumped through to allow their recording to appear, and/or (b) would need to be recorded in order for there to be any audio to use, which can be both costly and difficult to schedule.
      Using some audio which I presume the ROH already owns / has appropriate rights for is rather simpler. And avoids needing to explain to singers X and Y why the recording from singer Z was chosen instead of theirs, of course.

      As an aside, I enjoyed the clip – well-made, and mildly thought-provoking.

  8. R. James Tobin says:

    Not an appealing film except for the singing. But ,as long as bathroom fixtures were mentioned, I am going to say that the large circle of conveniences in the gentlemen’s room there is the most architecturally interesting i have ever seen anywhere.

  9. Tacky. Vile. Hilarious. etc. Classical music signals upper-class depravity, pathos of the drag queen, etc. Thanks for pulling these things up!

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