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The Ring machinery breaks down again at the Met

Our New York operavores Elizabeth Frayer and Shawn E Milnes set out full of hope and with totally empty bladders to watch the endurance test that Das Rheingold can be Рtwo and a half hours without intermission.

All was going swimmingly (as it were) until the stage machinery all of a sudden stopped in its tracks. Just as it did in the first run. That shouldn’t happen in a major opera house with a well-tested revival.

Read what our avid pair made of it.


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  1. Graf Nugent says:

    In the hands of Patrice Ch√©reau and Harry Kupfer Rheingold seems to last about five minutes. Robert Lepage’s production is vapidity personified. No wonder the machinery rebels.

    • Derek Castle says:

      A pure megalomaniac. It’s a scandal to spend so much money on this ‘hi-tech’ production, when US music is in such dire straits.

  2. alocksley says:

    If Gelb is at all concerned about his place in Met history, he will give the Ring a rest and return to the Schenk production in a few years.
    I really fear the day when someone gets seriously hurt on that “Machine”.

  3. Laurence Glavin says:

    In Boston, MA USA our local opera company Boston Lyric Opera is offering several performances of Wagner’s “Flying Dutchman”. The opening night performance, billed as the US premier of the 1841 Critical Edition, will be performed from beginning to end without intermission (the other performances will include an intermission). The BLO website says the performance time will be 140 minutes, 20 minutes longer than the opening act of “Parsifal” I saw as part of this season’s “The Met in HD”. Persons who may have purchased tickets for this performance without realizing it would be uninterrupted may apply to exchange the opening night tickets for another date. I may opt for opening night; I’ll just eschew coffee, beer or wine beforehand!

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