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The concertmaster who bared (almost) all for her orchestra

Things are hotting up at the Belgrade Philharmonic.

On Friday, we received a stiff letter from two concertmasters, Tijana Milošević and Miroslav Pavlović, pledging the orchestra’s unanimous support for its manager, Ivan Tasovac. The unanimity crumbled rather quickly and, among the responses were some from indignant musicians who drew our attention to the cover story of the April issue of Playboy magazine, in its Serbian edition.

There, almost bare, is the concertmaster,  Tijana Milošević, doing her bit to spread enlightenment among Balkan culture seekers.

Some readers have suggested that this lowers the dignity of the orchestra and the nation. That seems a rather old-fashioned view. Ms Milošević should be judged on her playing, not her Playboying.


Ms Milošević, born on March 1, 1978, has been concertmaster of the Belgrade Philharmonic since 1998.

Her name is on top of the cover, but the inside story is a little more decorous:

Tijana Milošević

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  1. Robert Koenig says:

    Really? Who cares. He’s beautiful.

    • James Dean says:

      Mr. Ivan Tasovac is also beautiful…

    • James Dean says:

      Mr. Ivan Tasovac was awarded in 2004 the ”Be Good and Show It to the Others” Award, presented by the Business School of Public Relations, for the best public relations in the period from July to December 2004”.

      The 2013 ”Be Good and Show it to Others” Award should definitely go to Tijana Milošević. Do she do movies as well?

  2. Stiff letter, indeed?

  3. Graf Nugent says:

    It’s no more demeaning than some of these Yoof Outreach programmes who try to curry interest in classical music by pretending it’s something its not (cool, hip etc).

  4. belgrade phill musician says:

    So what? it is not the first time BF had man and woman in the Playboy….it was artistic as well….

    • who were the others?

      • sanja stefanovic says:

        Norman, this kind of language ‘So what?…’ looks like it is the Tijana Milosevic behind this ‘belgrade phill musician’. Now, I would love to know who else was pictured in Playboy from Belgrade Philharmonics! lol

        • sanja stefanovic says:

          I apologize to Tijana Milosevic thinking she is behind this ‘belgrade phill musician’. She speaks very well english. This one attacked me in the other post, he/she should better stop, unless he/she wants o have my german lawyer behind his/her neck for telling pubicly things about my private life hiding himself/herself behind some anonymous name like ‘belgrade phill musician’ .

  5. As far as I am aware, the aged Hugh Hefner has never derived any income at all from composing music, or playing a musical instrument and so on, or conducting a group of players, or………???

  6. Eric Edwards says:


  7. Derek Castle says:

    Mm…an idea for Laurence Jackson, the leader of the CBSO, for the cover of the 2013/14 prospectus!

  8. Playboy is a square and outdated magazine (Including It’s pictures). She could play it better

  9. Anonymous says:

    Boban Geric, former Principal Bass of Belgrade Philharmonic was mentioned in the other thread on this subject as someone else who posed for Playboy. Has anyone found his/her pics yet?

  10. Laurence Glavin says:

    President Obama said that these are the two best-looking concert masters he’s ever seen.

  11. Just don’t forget to let me know when the second chair position becomes vacant.

  12. Tijuana is a wonderful musician in addition to her looks. She has been trained at The Juilliard School and was a Great Concertmaster when I worked inBelgrade. How wonderful to be attractive as well as being a sensitive musician and good concertmaster

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