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The composer who won a Pulitzer with Arthur Miller

Robert Ward, composer of The Crucible, has died, aged 95.

You can read his life story here.


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  1. Daniel Farber says:

    An amazing career of which most followers of contemporary music (at least on the east and west coasts) are wholly unaware. He kept those symphonies and operas coming non-stop, despite being ignored by all and sundry in the “establishment” at least after “The Crucible” was produced by the N.Y. City Opera. Incidentally, a rare performance of a piece by one of Ward’s teachers, the once highly-regarded Bernard Wagenaar, is slated at the end of the month on a program by the National Symphony in D.C.

  2. I love The Crucible. To my knowledge, Arthur Miller was not very involved in the adaptation and did not receive or co-receive the Pulitzer with Ward.

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