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Talent news: DG sign hot Spanish conductor for silver label

We hear from Berlin that DG is rebooting the Archiv label, 65 years old, as a launch vehicle for young artists in baroque rep.

This first signing is the Spanish conductor Pablo Heras-Casado, who will be leading a Farinelli project and recording Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridyce. There will also be a 55-CD Archiv commemorative box.


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  1. Good news. I have listened to many recordings on the Archiv label. They certainly enhanced my appreciation of Baroque Music when I was still getting familiar with the genre.

    Anything that helps promote Baroque Music is good.

  2. PK Miller says:

    This IS great news. Deutsche Grammophone Archiv had many seminal performances issued on LP including, as I recall, a Bach B MInor Mass w/Ameling, Fischer-Dieskau etal. Rather like Angel/EMI, RCA, et al, there’s so much in their vaults that ought to be re-released. (I wish Angel/EMI would re-release the Fischer-Dieskau/Gerald Moore performance of Schone Mullerin w/the spoken Prolog & Epilog I’ve never heard otherwise, never seen in any available score of Schubert’s lieder cycle.

  3. SergioM says:

    I think Heras-Casado is one of the more interesting conductors to come around in quite while. I’m looking forward to seeing him next month when he comes to conduct the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for a series of concerts

    • Petros Linardos says:

      Totally agree, judging especially from his Mendelssohn clips with the BPC. Very inspiring performances that do not rely on fast and loud playing along with a convincing afro to impress. He is a most interesting musician who happens to be a young conductor with curly hair.

      • SergioM says:

        Yeah what’s with all these conductors with curly hair? The only one bucking the trend is Jaap Van Zweden who has the same hairline as mine (or rather lack of one)

        • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

          I met Pablo Heras-Casado briefly after he had performed Prokofiev 5 with the San Francisco Symphony in February. He is an extremely kind person, without any fuss and attitude, deeply interested and curious in everything he undertakes, and everyone he meets, and impressively well read on almost every subject (certainly the music he is performing). In San Francisco, he has been guest in this and past seasons, and he will return for two consecutive weeks in 2014, pairing Thomas Ades and Felix Mendelssohn on his programs. Never a dull moment, but indeed most provokingly interesting events with this excellent conductor. A very appropriate artist for DG Archiv to relaunch with. Chicago will be fortunate to have him on the podium next month. He will be in the MET pit next season to lead the run of the new “Rigoletto” production which premiered a few weeks ago. Well worth to make the trip to new York. Regarding hair: I was the most abundantly curled little kid among my siblings way back then – no curls left now :-) … Oh well…

  4. David Boxwell says:

    I remember how jaw-droppingly “gawjus” those Reflexe LPs were–worthy of framing! Archiv covers, by contrast, were pearly-austere (as if designed by Reinhard Goebel himself) . . .

  5. Excellent! Now Archiv needs to get Paul McCreesh back and have him record more Bach and Handel.

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