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Shostakovich is shortlisted for UK pop award

The Russian master, who died in 1975, gets a co-writing credit in the Ivor Novello Awards for samples of the seventh symphony used in the opening of Plan-B’s track Ill Manors. I woder who’ll accept the award on his behalf.


Plan B – ill Manors. from Rokkit on Vimeo.

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  1. He would be so proud.

  2. Is the “Shostakovich sample” the kind of mordent motif in the strings? Just how small does a sample have to be to qualify for a credit?! I smell a PR stunt.

    This film “ill manors” is one of the more disturbing films and also one of the most brilliant films I have seen. “Plan B” does make some very serious points extremely well (and in a way that doesn’t pull any punches). It is very, very far from glamorising any so-called “gang culture” and is in fact pitiless in showing up the misery and degradation of a certain part of society. It is a shocking film but the subject onto which it shines a light is even more shocking. In part I found it particularly disturbing because where I grew up in London there was a lot of this sort of thing. It’s a lot worse now, in many ways, than it was in the 80s, but I never fell in and it was easy for me to “get out”, unlike most of the people trapped in this kind of life.

    I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Shostakovich though and I can’t think of any motif in the 7th symphony that this motif resembles.

  3. Peter Fox should accept the award. Compare and listen to his song from 2008, “Alles neu”.

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