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San Pellegrino brings out Pavarotti water. Hint: It’s twice the normal price.

In what is described as ‘part of an ongoing celebration of Italian talent’, San Pellegrino has partnered with the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation to create a limited edition Pavarotti sparkling mineral water.

The price in London is £1.99 – double the normal whack.

S.Pellegrino-Celebrates-Luciano-PavarottiFrom the egregious press release:

“The Luciano Pavarotti Foundation is proud to collaborate with S.Pellegrino for this tribute to my late husband, Maestro Pavarotti, and Italian opera, particularly during a year that is so symbolic for the art form,” said Nicoletta Mantovani. “As S.Pellegrino has done in the haute cuisine scene, Luciano conveyed the idea of Italian excellence every day through his love for music and the Italian lyric opera.”

As part of the collaboration and to further honor Pavarotti, S.Pellegrino will present AMO PAVAROTTI, an exhibition demonstrating the maestro’s impact on the opera world, featuring iconic personal belongings including costumes and awards. The exhibition will be held in Verona, Italy from the end of April until September 2013.


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  1. Limited-edition water? Jeez. What next — vintage air?

  2. and the extra profit from this is going where, exactly?

  3. Timon Wapenaar says:

    Next: Lang Lang branded essential oils, “Ylang-Ylang”. Remember, the more you pay, the better it is.

  4. I was hoping it would also be twice the size…

  5. Andrew R. Barnard says:

    If water is limited, there are serious concerns to be had about life on this planet. We shouldn’t blame a much-loved opera star for this dilemma.

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