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Romania aims to shut six national museums

We have drawn your attention to the official dereliction of the legacy of Romania’s greatest musician, Georges Enescu.

The latest distressing news is that six historic museums are to shut because none of the politicians in Bucharest gives a fig for culture.

Read all about it here. And then sign the petition here.


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  1. Graf Nugent says:

    Let’s hope the petition does some good.

  2. Hi there,

    The link to reading all about it says “The lovely Brukenthal Palace (a complex of six museums) has had to partially close its doors to the public due to lack of funds through budget cuts” which is correct. Six historic museums are not to shut.

    However, the Brukenthal is certainly in danger. ALL museums in the country appear to be hanging in the balance when you see yesterday’s news: The first Romanian contemporary art museum in the country, The Visual Art Museum in Galati is definitively closing its doors and having to move to… the ground floor of a commie-era apartment block; Muzeul Tarii Crisurilor in Oradea, is to move to army barracks (yes, you read that right), the Art Museum in Tulcea has had to up sticks since the local Bishopric has returned to the former Palace which housed it; the Museums of Ethnography and Art in Brasov were thrown out after the building was returned to the Evangelical Church and there is danger too for museums in Cluj and Constanta…

    The petition mentioned above was catalysed by the shameful happenings at Brukenthal (ie the partial closing) but stands to support ALL cultural institutes in danger. It asks for a public debate on the fate of Romanian culture in the 21st century, involving the Ministry of Culture, museums, cultural institutions and NGOs to define the course of reforms so desperately needed in this vital sector for the future of Romania.

    I too, hope it will help, Graf. So far over 300 signatures… we’d like to have 2000… We must show that culture matters in Romania.

  3. George Murnu says:

    There appears to be some good news coming out of Romania. It seems that the local authorities prepared a proposal to include Enescu’s house into the National Heritage (Victor or Raluca, please help with the proper translation.) One reason for skepticism is that I can only find one sigle source for the news (here, in Romanian:, but I can’t help being at least (and at most) cautiously optimistic.

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