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Richie Havens, RIP

His moment in time. More here.

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  1. Christina Arden says:

    Wonderful man, wonderful performer.

    I saw him at Woodstock, and in the West Village in NYC when I was at college. No dancers, no backup singers – just relentless rhythm and a message.

  2. richardcarlisle says:

    I was privileged to see him close up in person at the Hudson River Revival in 1987… ENERGETIC BRILLIANCE…hands on guitar a blur like an airplane propeller… an indelible memory as if I had seen him this morning delivering a message of meaning with certain integrity.

    Thank you Richie for all you added to the lives of so many.

  3. Marshall says:

    That wasn’t his only moment, but the pure voices of that generation, who believed that the message in the music was significant, and they should remain dedicated to it, are disappearing.

  4. A man with a big heart, and a unique, unforgettable voice. I twice saw him perform live in London – once in the 80s, and again, not so many years ago, in a small, north London venue. His presence, his gift for vivid and heartfelt communication, and his unique, strumming technique of guitar playing, were very special, and his spirit remained undiminished over decades. Thank you Richie.

  5. Ghillie Forrest says:

    I saw him before Woodstock, when I was still in school — twice, in a tiny coffee house. (Once seen, not to be missed again). To this day, those performances remain among the most electrifying of my memory, which these days — and most days since then– has spent most of its musical time on opera and orchestra.

    A luminous, unforgettable performer with a unique voice. RIP, Richie Havens.

    • richardcarlisle says:

      Good to see your vivid heart-felt tribute Ghillie, and many thanks to Norman for making possible the sharing of an experience this important to all in this thread.

  6. richardcarlisle says:

    His indelible voice seemed centered with a core of honest clarity wrapped in layers of velvet vibrant resonance all projected with the force of a golden heart…shouldn’t try to describe anything so magical.

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