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Relative values: A Parsifal ticket is cheaper than Lang Lang

We’ve been doing go-compare in Santiago de Chile. Lang Lang is the priciest ticket on the classical planet, more expensive than four hours of Wagner.


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  1. a Lang Lang recital is more fun than 4 hours of usually-pedestrian performances of Wagner today

    and worth every cent, too!

  2. Oleg Sherstiucoff says:

    Of course why not – fireworks have always been the best entertainment for ……..nincompoops.
    There is nothing “wrong” Mr.Lang Lang, but…..there was “but”, it is right now, and ALWAYS will be as long as such a Pinnacle – the culmination of one of the greatest career – even was mentioned beside.

  3. ruben greenberg says:

    Just one short comment on the price of tickets for a concert of Classical music: many of my young students claim that they never attend Classical music concerts because of the prohibitive entrance fees. Yet they go to rock concerts and football games that are far more expensive. Cost isn’t what is keeping young people away from Classical music. There has to be some other sociological and cultural explanation.

    • José Lastarria says:

      Exactly; it’s the reasoning I always use when confronted with the same argument.

    • People even argue this way when never having checked out ticket prices, including special offers, at all. No need to do so, everyone knows that they are horribly expensive!!

      Clichés and stereotypes, the never-ending story.

  4. I respect Lang Lang a lot, is a good pianist. But it still seems to me a phenomenon inflated by marketing devices.

    No wonder that a recital by him should be more expensive than “Parsifal” at least here. In Santiago we don’t see such famous performers as often as in London, Berlin, Paris, and so on. And Lang Land is at the height of his fame. As I said, is a phenomenon.

    And of course marketing can do wonders and certain people can sell a full house with expensive tickets.

  5. I’ll take Parsifal over Lang Lang, anytime. And agree with Ruben Greenberg: Concert and opera tickets are no more expensive than tickets to rock concerts, most professional sporting events, etc., yet still get labeled “elitist.”

  6. That’s right Mr,.MacroV.

    The director of the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, where these events will take place, always says to the media that a massive pop concert in Santiago, like Madonna or whoever, is far more expensive than these two events. And he’s right!

    In that sense, Madonna or McCartney or U2 are more elitist than a Wagner opera or Lang Lang.

  7. Carlos Fischer says:

    Imagine Andrea Bocelli as Parsifal in this performance ….the tickets would be more expensive ; even though Lang Lang is better as pianist than Bocelli as …tenor???? . Media exposition play its role here…popularity…the same applies to Lang-Lang vs. Perlman who was once very popular among classical music listeners…

  8. José Bergher says:

    I saw Lang Lang twice. He is a fine pianist, and so are hundreds of others. Lang is Lang, “Parsifal” is “Parsifal.” Last February I attended 2 performances (Monday and Thursday) of “Parsifal” in one week at the Met Opera. Fantastic production, singers, chorus, orchestra, staging.
    The “fine pianist” thing reminds me of something Eugene Ormandy supposedly told the Philadelphia Orchestra musicians during a rehearsal: “May I introduce Mr. So-and-so, our soloist for this program. He is a wonderful man, and so is his wife.”

  9. Lang Lang´s recital is sold out now too. On a side note, although the starting price for tickets to his recital is cheaper than the starting price for tickets to Parsifal, the highest price tickets are different. The most expensive ticket for Lang Lang´s recital is $110.000 Chilean pesos versus $128.000 Chilean pesos for Parsifal.

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