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Questionable Titanic violin is on national tour

The violin that an auctioneer claims was played as the Titanic went down is being taken around the country for public edification.

Latest stop is Bath, where the auctioneer is selling a letter by Titanic violinist, Wallace Hartley. That, it may safely be assumed, is genuine.


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  1. Timon Wapenaar says:

    Perhaps we can use public support to plug the gap where expert judgement should be. Works for politicians all the time…

  2. PK Miller says:

    Sucker born every minute & two to tahe him (or her!)!!! WhenI first saw the initial article about this foolishness, even before I read some of the analyses, I wondered what see water & exposure, period, would do to ANY instrument let alone a fine string instrument like a violin. Lord what fools…

  3. Walter Fiddle says:

    This violin hoax is a scandal. Wallace Hartley was a hero. 50,000 people attended his funeral to show their support to mark his bravery. The “evidence” to support the claims that the violin was his, given to him by his fiancée Maria is fake. See my FaceBook page to check it out for yourself. Look at her handwriting as per “her diary” and then look at her genuine handwriting on the 1911 census. Henry Aldridge & Co should be ashamed of themselves that they are giving publicity to this obvious hoax! Walter Fiddle

  4. stanley cohen says:

    This violin which allegedly went down with the Titanic,puts me in mind of the recent discovery by archaeologists in the Nile Delta, of the skeletons of seven thin cows inside the skeletons of seven fat cows that featured in one of Pharaoh’s dreams at the end of the book of Genesis in the story of Joseph.

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