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Non-transfer news: Oundjian should outlast Nagano

The Toronto Symphony has quietly renewed its conductor Peter Oundjian to 2017, John Terauds reports. Montreal, meanwhile, accepts that it may not renew Kent Nagano in 2016. Swings and roundabouts in Canadian music.



agency photo (c) Sian Richards

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  1. Emil Archambault says:

    Have you read Christophe Huss’ article on Nagano?

    An excellent explanation of what’s going on in Montreal. And no sighting of Nagano’s departure.

  2. Not just “non-transfer news;” simply NOT NEWS. And the headline is incredibly deceptive; so now Oundjian has a contract that goes one year longer than Nagano? The real headline should be “Only one year longer than the guy you’re speculating is on his way out?”

    If Nagano has no plans to extend beyond 2016, it might be a good time to announce it, so the OSM can be very public in looking for a replacement. But he hasn’t. It seems very unlikely that the OSM wouldn’t want to renew his contract; he’s still hugely popular in Montreal. Give them another year; if by then there’s no announcement, perhaps fair to speculate.

    • It’s hard to know who might make the decisions in Montreal. After all, according to the Huss article, there are so many consultants it makes you wonder what the full time management do all day.

  3. Just like in Monte Carlo, the musicians of the TSO were NOT consulted on Peters re-hire. It just happened. When the president of the TSO was pressed as to why, the answer was “Why should we ask the musicians?”

  4. Emil Archambault says:

    How about “Peter Oundjian out of Toronto in 2017″ as a headline?

  5. Christophe Huss says:

    Yes, Mr Archambault. You are right:
    “Peter Oundjian out of Toronto in 2017!″.
    Let’s spread out the “news” !

    As one of the different well intentioned people who wrote on the Nagano subject confessed to me during my investigation: “I did not check anything. I would not be shocked (sic!!) if it (the rumor about the orchestra already searching a replacement to Nagano after 2016) would be untrue, but I think it may be true.”

    That is the level…

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