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No happy ending in St Paul

The musicians of St Paul Chamber Orchestra have signed a new deal after being locked out for 191 days without wages and health benefits. What they’ll find when they re-enter is an organisation in chaos and confusion.

Artistic director Patrick Castillo quit last week. The president, Dobson West, is interim. Read more here.

st paul

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  1. As far as SPCO mgmt, there is no “there there”. The “interim” president is also the President and Chairman of the Board and is by trade a bankruptcy lawyer. The Finance/fundraising/mktg person left over a year and a half ago (to go to Cleveland, which is rebuilding).

    On the other hand, there are PLENTY of smart, experienced, passionate people in the Twin Cities – including many of the audience – who are more than willing to help build the orchestra back up to its national prominence and 34-member standing. Let’s hope that the Board uncircles their wagons and starts to act like responsible caretakers again.

  2. PK Miller says:

    I know it’s a hoary cliche but certainly a lose-lose situation. No happy ending for either side. It will take a long time for the bitterness to subside and mutual trust to be regained. It’s sad–over 1/2 year on strike and nothing is gained, everything seems lost. But the powers that be get a collective black eye and a loss of trust & good will from the orchestra., Again, it will be difficult & take much time for mutual trust & acceptance to be regained. A new Artistic Director with no ties to either side will help as will filling empty chairs. Good luck to all. As I’ve posted myriad times I’m no fan of unions but I truly wished for a “happy ending” in this situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      The SPCO did not go on strike. They were locked out. Big difference.

      Those that are against unions should play for a while in a non-union orchestra, as I have. You will quickly realize why unions are so important.

    • Amy Adams says:

      PK Miller….!!! They Were Locked Out!
      The SPCO musicians did not strike…You contribute to misinformation by casually and incorrectly characterizing the nature of this labor dispute.

  3. stereo says:

    When is Minnesota going to kick out Henson?

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