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No dawn breaking in Minnesota

Musicians in the St Paul Chamber Orchestra have rejected a deal broekred by the Mayor. He has appealed to them to think again. The deadlock continues. Read here.

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  1. Mayor Coleman is a strong political asset for the musicians, but he may have jumped the gun in assuming he had resolved all of the material issues. The musicians have identified a number of points that Coleman missed or summarily assumed. After all, the devil is in the details, and these here are not insignificant; but the fact that they have been identified and so clearly articulated is a good sign. Still, Coleman has some more work cut out for him before he puts his head in the lion’s mouth at the MSO.

    • The two orchestras are in two different cities with different mayors

      • You’re right, but he is also on the Board of the MSO, and he is a well connected politician. Resolving both crises would be a feather in his cap and add to his political chits.

  2. The mayor WANTS the material issues to be resolved; he doesn’t want this to go south on his watch. But then, I don’t recall him insisting that the MN Wild, the hockey team which was locked out earlier, reduce its size.

  3. I’m glad to see a political leader at long last enter thr fray on the side of art. The other part of course is that it’s not necessarily the politics that drives the settlement. Two things he doesn’t have is a time or an artistic frame. Both are needed to be in the neutral middle. Good point on the sports settlement though. Fair is fair.

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