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New video chat: Joyce DiDonato on coping with loneliness

The most honest opera singer on earth confronts the question that haunts ever opera singer on the circuit.  No holds barred, and plenty of brilliant advice. After 13 minutes of monologue, she wonders if she’s rattling on too long.  (Never.)

Watch her v-log – seriously, do not miss it.

I hear Joyce is on her way to London, where she will be vociferously acclaimed before the day is out.


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  1. Gotta be last Night of the Proms!

    • Maude Larke says:

      The last night of the Proms isn’t until September, and Joyce has a lot on her plate until then. This trip to
      London is so as to sing with Juan Diego Florez in a concert accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican.

      Will, yes, she’s probally the most gounded opera singer we have today. And so articulate!

  2. Will Wyatt says:

    Terrific. She’s a great singer, a wonderful artist and a grounded human being.

    • Agree – and she is incredibly generous and positive. She doesn’t update her blog anymore, but f the several years that Yankee Diva was around coincided with my introductory years to opera and I learned SO MUCH from all of her posts about everything connected with opera. I’m a huge fan.

  3. I totally agree, and she is generally adored in London, especially since the heroic manner in which she completed the run of the Royal Opera’s Barber of Seville in a wheelchair. Not many singers would do that; the present culture of cancelling at the drop of a hat is most irritating.

  4. Marguerite Foxon says:

    Joyce is absolutely the best. She does in fact continue to update her blog (Sarah, check you have the right web address for it) and is active on FB and twitter. Thats why her fans adore her – she is warmhearted and open in her sharing, despite her incredible diva status.

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