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Katherine Jenkins gets our vote

A filthy article by Jan Moir in the Daily Mail weirdly attacks the Welsh singer for running the London Marathon in makeup – the London Marathon, dear, where people run dressed as bananas and snowflakes. Moir accused KJ of being fame-hungry and dressed for the red carpet.

We would dismiss this as standard Mail envy were it not for Moir’s form in dissing musicians. The Press Complaints Council received 22,000 submissions in 2009 when, commenting on the sad end of Irish pop singer Stephen Gately, she drew the homophobic conclusion that his death after a night out ‘strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships.’ Moir and the Mail  revel in this muck. To mock anyone brave enough to run a marathon in the week after the Boston bombing is a nadir of bad taste.

Jenkins was running for a cancer charity. She has given a cheerful interview to BBC Wales, rebutting the Mail’s rubbish with a good deal of dignity. Listen to her here. We are on Kaff’s side in this one. The Mail should sack Moir and donate her salary to charity.



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  1. Lynne Land says:

    Didn’t see the article, but I am disgusted to hear about it. For goodness sake leave the girl alone, she was running in memory of her father and anyone who completes a marathon has my admiration; I can barely run a mile!

  2. Christopher Oakmount says:

    That I should live to see NL defend KJ. Now I am contented ;-)

  3. Well said Mr Lebrecht and Ms Land. I wonder why I don’t even look at the headlines on the Mail, even when it’s on the newsagent’s shelf!!!

  4. Musiclover says:

    Dear Katherine, If you are a regular reader of Norman’s site you will be fully aware that the above article and subsequent comments are perhaps not completely typical of the reaction that your endeavours receive on this hallowed blog. Now for the sake of full disclosure may I say that personally your musical, or more specifically vocal exertions would not be my ‘tasse de thé’. Having said that and in the spirit of fairness and positivity that Norman has shown in his article towards you and in his choice of accompanying photo which completely puts the lie to the Mail’s assertions of you being “fame-hungry and dressed for the red carpet” – may I be so bold as to suggest that you have hit upon something here Katherine. This running thing is good, this is a step in the right direction, stop this gratuitous singing please, and run Katherine, run and keep running.

  5. Oleg Sherstiucoff says:

    Our world is brimming over with the vile obnoxious filthy d***s and ***** .
    To Katherine!
    I like you.
    I really do.

  6. I may have my criticisms of Miss Jenkin’s singing, but to run the London Marathon in memory of your late father and turn up in sensible running gear is something I have to wholeheartedly applaud.

    So what if she turned up at the start with a bit of make-up on! At least at one end she could boost her self-esteem in this manner. Any journalist who condemned her for that clearly does not know the myriad of reasons why women wear make-up. Sometimes it is to help them feel good, and when you are remembering someone who you love who is now dead, there are times you need every little bit of help.

    Don’t let the tabloid hacks get you down Katherine.

  7. Niall Hoskin says:

    I saw Katherine at the start: not showing off, but just getting nervous like the rest of us.
    Apart from the very best elite runners, we are all doing a run like that for our own reasons, for our own choice of charity, and as our own personal challenge. On those terms she did damn well, and that’s how her participation should be judged.
    As someone still aching from the experience of running in the Marathon, I defy anyone – especially a hack with an axe to grind – to suggest one could undertake the 26.2 miles for trivial or self-serving reasons.

  8. Miles Golding says:

    I admire anyone who can complete such a marathon, and I know quite a few musicians and others who have. However laudable Katherine Jenkins’ motives and efforts though, I look at those pics of her with the diamond earstuds and the eyebrows and the lips and the paraphernalia and the “immaculate” publicity shots and think of this news:
    “‘Cosmetic crisis’ waiting to happen” (don’t watch the video of Sarah Payne on that – it is scary)

    and last night’s Newsnight
    30’30″ into the programme – Alicia Douvall’s account is horrifying – where we heard that “41% of girls aged 7-10 ‘felt some pressure’ to look the way celebrities do”

    and can’t help feeling very cynical. What sort of rôle-model does she think she represents?

  9. John Kelly says:

    Katherine was a fine and funny contestant on Dancing with the Stars here in the USA (same as Stictly Come Dancing in the UK, and featuring the one and only Len Goodman as head judge – Wewl Dan!!!!!).

    She’s as charming an ambassador for Britain as anyone I can think of.

    My wife won’t go to the supermarket without make up on. Likewise my ex-wife. I surmise that Jan Moir might not be a member of the makeup club. Probably not as “fit” as Ms. Jenkins either………………..

  10. I was very disappointed that Katherine Jenkins was attacked by Jan Moir in this way. The fact that she ran the marathon and finished in a good time, not to mention manage to raise £25,000 for a cancer charity can only be commended. As far as I am concerned, Katherine’s motive in taking part in the marathon was altruistic. She doesn’t need to be “fame-hungry” – she’s famous already!

  11. £25 000 for a cancer charity and a completed marathon. I think one can forgive a girl a little lipstick at the start when she’s doing things like that!

    To put the boot in is, quite frankly, rather churlish.

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