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Update: Turkish court orders retrial for ‘blasphemous pianist’

An Istanbul court has set aside the conviction of Fazil Say for ‘insulting Islam’. The reason given was ‘procedural errors’, according to news agency reports. 

UPDATE: Mr Say, who received a 10-month suspended prison sentence, has been ordered to face a retrial.


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  1. Scott Rose says:

    If a religious person cannot bear to hear and calmly accept a satirical comment involving the tenants of their religion, then their “faith” is based on insecurity in a self-delusion and isn’t faith at all. Fazil Say posed Socratic questions, he did not express bigotry. Since when is posing Socratic questions a crime?

  2. José Lastarria says:

    What’s this all about? Do they want to revive their moribund EU application or something?

  3. This is Sharia Law, and it’s past time the West understands what it is ,
    and how it functions. It is a totalitarian political ideology. It cannot tolerate anyone who isn’t a Muslim
    within their designated form of it, Sunni, Shi’ite, Salafist. It’s various forms of intolerance and practices in
    line with their beliefs has been and continues to be on full display. I find it difficult to believe this story about one of the Boston bombers. One Islamic ruled country after another either forbids any Western music, and/ or,
    any at all. Islam forbids anything said against Islam, or what they decide is a slur against it.

  4. As a fan of Fazil Say from Turkey, I can say that this trial is more about politics than religion. They use religion as a tool to fake the real reason. Fazil Say is opposed to the government, like many of us and he has many reasons for that. He was speaking out about injustice, insufficent education at music academies, and lack of classical music on televisions and radios and he have composed symphonies for writers, poets who were from the left wing… So all these things together made angry our ruling political party and they were looking for an excuse in order to keep his mouth closed. And they did so. Of course there is something about Islam too, as we have a very conservative government now. And they stay in power with support of religious people. So behine the scene is like that. Not good of course, not good at all for our country! This is not a threat just for Fazıl Say, also for us.

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