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Just in: the Wagners go back to war with his birthplace

We reported a little while ago that a deal had been reached in court between the city of Leipzig and the Wagner descendants over who got to display the Master’s piano during the bicentennial year.

A deal? No more. One of the Wagners has torn it up and they are heading back to court.

It mike make another opera if the things these whelps keep fighting over weren’t so bloody trivial.

agner tafelklavier

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  1. José Bergher says:

    “Der Ring des Wagners” oder “Das Leipziggold.” Oder “Wagnerdämmerung am Leipzig.”

  2. Given Leipzig’s most famous musical master, it might best be called, in typical German hooking-nouns-together fashion, the Wagnerklavierpassion. Set for opposing orchestras and soloists, it would be a series of meditative arias with interspersed outbursts by a chorus of pundits. Continuo to be played on the instrument in question.


  3. Derek Castle says:

    The Wagner story seems to have entertained the world for two hundred years. Is there no end to this man’s genius? An ‘immolation’ (God forbid!) at Bayreuth?
    PS. Any chance of a ticket for this year, Norman? I got one many, many years ago by standing outside the theatre at 10am and begging every passer-by, milkman and dustman, “Have you got a spare ticket for me?” It worked!

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