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Video: ‘I fell in love with Stockhausen when I was 10′

The young Italian pianist Vanessa Benelli Mosell was smitten by Stockhausen’s music at a very early age and got to study the Klavierstücke with him. In this new filmed interview she includes clips of her sessions with the late composer. ‘I consider his music a completely different language,’ she says.

Vanessa Benelli Mosell_Stockhausen1_credit Alain taquet_500

Vanessa with the master. Photo (c) Alain Taquet

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  1. Mark Stratford says:

    Thanks for posting ! Maybe some of works from the last years of Stockhausen’s life were a bit hit and miss, but the Klavierstucke are extraordinary, beautiful pieces.

  2. Dear Norman,

    Thanks very much for the post. Your readers might be interested to know that Vanessa’s will be performing some Stockhausen in Rome in June (16th) at the Capella Paolina at the capital’s Quirinale and will be broadcast on RAI Radio.

    Full programme is :

    Haydn Sonata in e minor
    Brahms Paganini Variations Bk.II
    Stockhausen Klavierstucke VII
    Prokofiev Sonata No.7


    Best Wishes

    Andrew Logan

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