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‘I am Opera’s Lady Gaga’ (she didn’t say that, did she?)

Oh yes, she did.

Click: Simone Kermes: „Ich bin dieLady Gaga der Klassik“



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  1. well at least she can sing !

  2. James Forrest says:

    I think she’s quite marvelous!

  3. Yeah, I could see that, maybe.

    But I bet you could make at least as good an argument for Patricia Petibon (who probably wouldn’t make the claim herself).

    Hmmm … Karita Mattila is said to make her recital dresses herself. I wouldn’t mind seeing her do up some Lady Gaga-worthy costumes for a recital program. And because she’s can be so funny, it would probably be a blast!

  4. Very odd voice, dry, ungracious to my taste. And her coloratura work is not that good. She is a pale and cheap imitation before DiDonato, Bartoli and Larmore.

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