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How we went to the Met and learned to love The Machine

Hold the front page: Siegfried opened its run at the Met without any glitches. Even bigger news: our fearless pair of Manhattan operavores, Elizabeth Frayer and Shawn E Milnes, found themselves falling in love at last with the much-criticised stage set. Yes, they’re in love.FireWalk1

Even better, Elizabeth and Shawn had a whole row to themselves. The Met, it seems, is one of the few public places in New York where a young couple can find true privacy.

Read them here.

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  1. Graf Nugent says:

    Siegfried was the first part of this Ring that I saw last year and I was struck by how vapid it was. The machine (sorry, won’t capitalise it) was mainly just used as a (very expensive) video projection screen and the complete absence of stage direction was appalling. Gerhard Siegel just did more or less what he did in Bayreuth and Jay Hunter Morris, jumping in for whoever-it-was, did a sterling job but was clearly left to his own devices and desires. The fact that these two bloggers had a row to themselves shows that the New York audience is not stupid…

  2. itrinkkeinwein says:

    “The MET … one of the few public places in New York where a young couple can find true privacy.”

    That, Norman, is a gem!


    • Fabio Fabrici says:

      I can show you a lot of places in NY, where a young couple can find true privacy for $ 600… :)

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