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Gay marriage tweets: the final reckoning

You may remember the storm that blew up when a passing pianist berated her local cafe for its equality sign.

Well, (we hear from Cindy Sadler) that tenor Rob McPherson has organized an operatic “drink-in” today at the Chipped Cup! Singers will be meeting there from 5-8 enjoy a beverage and show support for marriage equality and this shop; however, others will be making it a point to drop by all day. And those of us who are not in NYC are calling in orders to be given to patrons who are there.

chipped cup2

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  1. I’m so THRILLED to be a part of this!

  2. Thanks for giving us a shout out! I wanted today to be less about the actions of one person and more about us as an opera community. We are a diverse group. We don’t all agree on every issue. We don’t always see eye to eye. But I think we all believe in basic human dignity. A couple of weeks ago, the owner of the Chipped Cup was not treated with dignity. I was always taught you can disagree without being disagreeable. So, today I just wanted to remind people you don’t have to bang drums to make a point. Sometimes just quietly showing up is enough. Sometimes that’s incredibly powerful!

  3. Kim Giordano says:


  4. They make a damned fine cup of coffee, by the way! Great neighborhood joint – I wish they would open up a location on my block.

  5. I wish I were there…have a coffee for me, Othalie!

  6. Here’s to Norman Lebrecht — Live Right!!

  7. Rebecca G says:

    We had a fantastic cup of coffee this afternoon. I wish we lived closer (we came out from Queens and Long Island). We just wanted to show the staff at CC that the overwhelming majority of classical musicians are supportive and welcoming.

  8. I’m there in spirit with all of you :) xxoo from Memphis

  9. I phoned in my order this morning and donated it to the next customer to walk through the door, and I saw on Chipped Cup’s FB page that somebody from Chicago who read this blog did the same. Several of us who were singing elsewhere in the world “called in” our support. Thanks, Rob, for orchestrating this, and thanks, Mr. Lebrecht, for posting it here. :) We intended it as a positive statement of support from the singing community to supporters of marriage equality, but perhaps we also did a little ambassadorial work for opera in general!

  10. Houndentenor says:

    Sorry I couldn’t be there. I’m a couple thousand miles away, but was there in spirit. I’m for equality for all and definitely anti-stalking!

  11. A big thank you to everyone who came out to the Chipped Cup and to those who phoned in and paid for someone’s drink! It was some a wonderful night.

  12. A lovely afternoon/evening spent at The Chipped Cup in Hamilton Heights, NYC. Great libations, awesome company, and a quiet way to support this charming shop and its’ owner and the quest for equality for ALL citizens. There was a good turnout, all spearheaded by tenor Robert McPherson. Singers who couldn’t be there in person called in and donated drinks and bagels to those in attendance (thank you!!) to show their support as well. Ultimately, a show of support and solidarity in a quiet, agreeable manner!

  13. Wish I could have joined for support, but I was there in spirit!

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