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Fastest mezzo in the London marathon?


Katherine Jenkins finished in five hours, 26 minutes, wearing diamond ear-studs and pink lipstick. She was raising money for a cancer charity that looked after her late father. Total raised so far: £22,000 ($38,000).

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  1. Rosalind says:

    Big well done to her! A very worthy cause and great effort.

  2. Sorry Norman — but she is really hot!

  3. Paul Kelly says:

    Was that taken before or after?

  4. sue pountney says:

    She lives near my son,in Cardiff,and is a good friend of both him and his fiancee.She raises a great deal of money for charity,quietly and in the background.A lovely Welsh lass,as is Cerys Matthews…they are all friends side to any of them!

  5. Pianoronald says:

    As long as she doesn’t sing I don’t mind what she does.

  6. A “Mezzo” . That’s a stretch.

  7. David Boxwell says:

    Stars: They’re like US! They attend state funerals! They run marathons! They shop for food!

  8. Well done.

  9. Jive Bunny says:

    Maybe she should donate some of her money to charity so she can legally avoid tax instead of using her usual method of ‘creative accounting’ to bank it offshore?
    I’m certain she has more than that paltry £22,000 to give away, but than as a proper friend of Maggie…. :p

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