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Double-Dutch: They’re reinstating the King’s Song in Holland

Remember the John Ewbank song that got dropped yesterday by the Dutch Government for being (a) banal and (b) derivative? Well, 60 percent of the public want to have it back, so that’s exactly where it’s going. NOS News has the inside story (in Dutch, of course). You can hear the song here.



A Mr Hoes, the mayor of Maastricht, has gone on air, expressing delight with the reinstatement and decrying the song’s opponents.


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  1. Irene Nas says:

    Onno Hoes has a husband, not a wife:-)

  2. It wasn’t the government that dropped the song, but Ewbank himself. I don’t know where they got their 60% approval figure, because one glance at the “official” youtube videos shows that an overwhelming majority dislikes the song. Another survey indicates 82% of respondents reject it, and that most people would prefer simply the national anthem:

    In any case, it seems that the “Coronation Committee” is unwilling to admit to have wasted public money on this monstruosity, or to have to find a convincing alternative within a week. But a friend tells me that schoolchildren are obliged to learn and sing the song next week. Personally, I would refuse my child to participate.

  3. Timon Wapenaar says:

    I’ve just listened to this song. It should come with a diabetic warning. The Dutch national anthem is a fine piece of work (the oldest in Europe). We’ll see if King Willem-Alexander has the knaters to do right by the Dutch people. By the way, it’s not a coronation, but an investiture, as Dutch monarchs never actually wear the crown.

  4. Nicolas Mansfield says:

    And today, Jet Bussemaker. Minister of Education (and Culture) has gone on record saying that all of the grammatical errors in the song (and there are many in there!), should be corrected before the coronation next Tuesday. It won’t be long before somebody writes a song about this song!

  5. Timon Wapenaar says:

    Where’s Andre Rieu when you need him?

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