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Disaster: Russian opera chief, 33, dies after falling into orchestra pit

Olga Enns, acting director of Perm Opera and Ballet, has died after two weeks in a coma. The funeral is today.

Olga, 33, fell into an unfenced opera pit during a rehearsal of Peer Gynt. She had worked in Perm since 2006 and was among those responsible for making the theatre friendly to foreign companies. Sony has made several opera recordings on the premises.

Olga was appointed acting director last year and seemed destined for greater things. Olga is survived by her mother and a sister.

olga enns

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  1. This makes me sick to the stomach. I have been in so many Opera Houses in Eastern Europe where there has been NO safety net. (In fact, where I objected I was laughed at, as if a safety net was for wimps!!) I hope the Opera house is sued for every penny they have got. All singers and conductors should refuse to step foot inside any theatre that has not got a safety net in place. A disgrace!! :(


    I fell into a pit in Croydon in pitch darkness, honestly can’t believe that i got out 100% absolutely fine and carried on with what i was doing. Very lucky, and all the more sorry for this poor woman, her family and her company.


  3. So very sad. Thank you for posting the news, Norman.

  4. richardcarlisle says:


    Thanks for reporting this extreme inexcusable tragedy… the law should step in and consider it equivalent to the fire code… affecting only one person at a time hardly lessons the significance of the obvious danger.

  5. How tragic. Even being in the pit is not safe. Music stands, lights with cables… There is plenty to trip over. I’ve played continuo on a harpsichord that was placed on boxes perched on top of each other so that I could see singers on stage. It broke a number of safety regulations I’m sure, but I was definitely encouraged to keep perfectly quiet body posture. My heart goes out to this poor woman and her family.

  6. Such accidents seem to be more common than I thought. Some 16 years ago a stage hand fell into the orchestra pit in the Radio City Music Hall and was seriously injured. Subsequently, in 1998, Olaf Soot Ddesign developed a motorized retractable safety net that would reduce the probability for such accidents. The design and all details were completed but the project was cancelled due to budget cuts.

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