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Death camp survivor who blew Cleveland’s trumpet

David Zauder, longtime trumpet and cornet player of the Cleveland Orchestra(1958-1997), came to America with nothing but the clothes on his back. A teenaged survivor of the Sachsenhausen, Flossenburg, Plaszow and Auschwitz concentration camps, he lost his parents in the Holocaust and, befriended by US personnel in a displaced persons camp, wound up in Detroit. He played first trumpet in the Boston Pops and was hired, on second audition, by Georg Szell. He spent the rest of his career in the Cleveland Orchestra, serving also as personnel manager.

David Zauder died on Tuesday, aged 84.



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  1. harold braun says:

    A great musician and a wonderful mensch!!!

  2. Cleveland was the artistic, cultural, and exceptionally lucky beneficiary of a few Holocaust survivors. I’m thinking specifically of David Zauder and Martin Goldsmith’s Mom (from the viola section) this morning as I read this news.

  3. Ken Fitzgerald says:

    I had the honor of being introduced to this great man backstage after a concert. My friend in the orchestra wanted to be sure I met him. God rest his soul.

  4. Your years are wrong. He could not have been born in 1958, as you note.

  5. David Zauder was a prince among men.

    Survived the holocaust as a child in a concentration camp. Successfully fought to undo the psychological damage done him.

    Became a trumpet virtuoso and the Personnel Manager of the Cleveland Orchestra contributing immeasurably to its cohesion and fame. I’m proud to have been his friend and colleague these many years.

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