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Crime victim? Call the orchestra….

The Mail on Sunday is running a story that sounds about one-eighth true. Apparently, victims of credit card fraud are being redirected by police to a hotline that also manages bookings for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

According to the Mail on Silly, would-be concert purchasers are being kept waiting while crime details are logged.  As if.

Bournemouth must be praying for lots of complaints.

Kirill and BSO web

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  1. Where does it say anything about people buying tickets having to wait? All that’s happened, as far as I understand, is that the company running BSO’s ticket hotline is also running the Action Fraud hotline…

  2. Emil Archambault says:

    “You lost your credit card? What a coincidence, we have a recital coming up, comprising Beethoven’s Op. 129!
    The orchestra also plays La Gazza Ladra next Sunday.

    Oh, now that you don’t have your credit card anymore, you can’t book the tickets; a shame, truly…”

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