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China’s baby mouse is unfraid of piano tigers

Much buzz in China about Zhang Haochen’s upcoming debut with the Munich Philharmonic. Zhang, 22, won the last Van Cliburn Competition but has kept largely out of the limelight while continuing his studies.

Now, it seems, he ready for launch.

Asked about stepping out on the circuit against other pianists – including China’s champions Lang Lang, Yundi, Yuja Wang – he falls back on an ancient proverb: ‘a baby mouse is not afraid of the tiger.’



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  1. I was very impressed by Haochen’s poetic performances in every concert. He is the new star in Chinese classical music market. Compared with Lang Lang, who is more popular in China nowadays, Haochen would never disappoint you. He’s really amazing!

  2. Gorgeous.
    It’s always exciting to witness a young pianist making a concerto debut. With expectation for some sort of miracles.

  3. Well…I do think the proverb should be “a baby calf/cub is unafraid of the tigers” 初生牛犊不怕虎…Not mouse…tiger does not eat mouse anyway…

  4. Great proverb – here’s hoping he shows those tigers a thing or two!

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