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Breaking: Dutch coronation song is cancelled

A song by John Ewbank, written for the coronation of the new Dutch King Willem-Alexander, has been withdrawn after a public outcry. Some complained it was too derivative. Others said it sounded like a Eurovision entry. The composer pulled out today. More here and here.



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  1. Ewbank’s “Drivel in C Major” (my title) makes John Tesh’s oeuvre seems advanced.

  2. Ghillie Forrest says:

    Starts out like a variation on “Loch Lomond.” Couldn’t take much more.

    • Bill Dodd says:

      Geez— That was the first thing I noticed. There was no second thing because lunch was starting to rise…..

  3. Dominy Clements says:

    The accusation (written texts with the clip) is one of plagiarism from that example from Matt Redman. The interview is more concerned with the apparent detail that it was a song which Ewbank happened to have lying around, and wasn’t especially composed for the big occasion.

    I have no opinion either way. It’s tricky writing something ‘pop’ hymn-like or anthemic without it sounding like something someone has already come up with, and there are just enough differences between the two to make it a point of debate rather than those puffed-up fait à complit conclusions of the YouTube commentator.

    • Dominy Clements says:

      I’ve just spoken to the ladies in the office here (I’m in The Netherlands – you guessed already…) and apparently there were so many ambiguities and errors in the song text that this was one of the main reasons for withdrawing it.

      Just goes to show – always worth getting a proper editor in!

  4. Bob Burns says:

    John Tesh?

    The ultimate slam!

  5. No more derivative and banal than the institution of kingship (or is it “kinghood”?) in the 21st century.
    When I visited Balloch in August 2006, the “Loch Lomond Ballad” was being broadcast from every shop window. My suggestions that the town needed a new song went nowhere, of course. Now it looks as if John Ewbank might be able to deliver.

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