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Blue plaque on wall for much-missed maestro

The lovely Sir Charles Mackerras, who died in July 2010, has been commemorated with a plaque on the wall of his house in Hamilton Terrace, London NW8, round the corner from where I live. I’ve passed by twice in the last few days without spotting it. Nigel Simeone has sharper eyes and sent in the picture. Good on yer, Charlie,  we won’t forget you.

(Didn’t someone make a limerick of Terrace and Mackerras? If not, why not?)

Hamilton Terrace

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  1. wonderful to see….such a great man…..I remember singing his first Haydn Creation with the OAE…he was like a kid with a new box of toys…suddenly the music sounded like he had always imagined it… fascinating to see how he responded to the new sound world that the original instruments brought to a piece he knew so deeply already…an original and state of the art musician right to the end….

  2. Rob van der Hilst says:

    Somebody over there must this have forgotten it: the one and only guys and girls on concertstages who do NOT make any music by themselves… yes, you understand this quite well… are CON-DUC-TORS. To commemorate simple arm- & handsweepers like them? London must have fallen into madness :)

    • Elizabeth Davis says:

      If you honestly think that conductors are “simple arm & handsweepers” then you have unfortunately never worked under a true Maestro/Maestra’s baton. There is far more going on than simply keeping time. From rehearsal time management to drawing out response from the disparate elements of ego and talent in the group s/he leads, a good conductor is vital in getting a great performance.

  3. Dominy Clements says:

    That distinguished conductor Mackerras
    Lived at number 10 Hamilton Terrace.
    With beat quite infallible,
    And ear incomparable,
    No musician was more conscientious.

    ….yes, it’s harder than it looks!

  4. Tony Firshman says:

    A conductor of note called McKerras
    Has a blue plaque at Hamilton Terrace
    His old cobbler Tancibudek
    Played works by Leoś Janáček
    Hence Charlie’s love of his operas

  5. Very heartened to see this!!!
    Spot on. He was a lovely human being indeed.

  6. Gilbert Dejean says:

    I worked with him a number of years ago in a performance of Brahms’ 3rd and 4th symphonies with the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. A memorable concert! He was very gracious and sent the orchestra a thank you note written on stationary from his hotel room.

  7. stanley cohen says:

    I sang a Mozart Requiem with him in Barcelona in ~1982 and he patiently explained to the ECO trombonist that he wanted him to sound as though he were busking in the street. He really was a lovely guy . I remember sitting at dinner with him and hearing him complaining that he was short of cash because irrespective of what he earned, his wife Judy gave him £5 a day pocket money back then…

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