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Bizarre? Swiss ban concert by tax exile Depardieu

If there was one country in the world where Gerard Depardieu might have expected sympathy it must be Switzerland, haven to thousands who, like the French actor, don’t like paying their taxes back home.

But if there is one thing the Swiss don’t like it’s trouble. Especially if it concerns a tax-dodger. So they have taken the unusual step of dropping the actor from a Lucerne performance of Stravinsky’s L’histoire de soldat next month, telling him they feared public protests against his defection from France to Russia.

You believe that? Read more here.

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  1. To say that they “banned” the concert sounds a bit trumped-up to me. Further down in the body of the article it says:

    “The decision to cancel the concert was jointly made by the orchestra and Depardieu’s imprĂ©sario, the ATS news service reported.”

    Hmmm … wonder if he just wanted more money than the orchestra was willing to pay him?

  2. scarpia616 says:

    Hmmm indeed. Tax free, of course . . . .

  3. Well, if Depardieu gave up his French citizenship when he took Russian citizenship, then he needs a visa to travel, much less, perform in much of the world. That’s one of the benefits he gave up in return for a lower tax rate.

  4. Dr. Marc Villeger says:

    Norman, you should have read his letter to the French Prime Minister who called him “minable”.
    In 45 years of career, Gerard Depardieu has paid 145 million euros in taxes to France and he stayed. In 2012 he paid 85% of his revenue to the taxman, hardly a tax-dodger unlike a certain Minister of Budget…

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