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Barenboim’s Ring, Joyce’s Last Night, bookend this year’s BBC Proms

The site has just gone live and the two worst-kept secrets are confirmed.

Daniel Barenboim will conduct Wagner’s Ring, starting July 22.

Joyce DiDonato will sing in a fabulous Last Night that includes clips of Rodgers and Bernstein (you read that right).

Elsewhere, there will be lots of Britten, a late night of Stockhausen (don’t miss), a streak of Tippett, Nigel Kennedy plays 4 Seasons, Mariss does Mahler 2, a Polish special, a free-entry Beethoven 9 with Petrenko…… I’d better head down to the launch.

Oh, did I mention it’s an all-ladies Last Night?

barenboim chris

(c) Chris Christodoulou/Lebrecht Music&Arts

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  1. Hariclea says:

    there will be lots of Britten and Verdi???????? Britten yes, spread out in bits and bobs lots of Verdi????? i wouldn’t call a concert of his sacred pieces and a few arias lots of Verdi, of his 30 operas there is NONE featured in the whole of the Proms (i mean in full).

  2. Emil Archambault says:

    “All-ladies Last Night”? I get the Marin Alsop reference, but what about Nigel Kennedy?

  3. Mark Stratford says:

    >>Stockhausen (don’t miss) <<

    No really. No irony here – don't miss it.

    Has electonic masterpiece Gesang der Junglinge and the first scene of Mittwoch aus Licht. Same choir as in Birmingham last summer,

    • Gesang der Junglinge is one of the few pieces of concert music to give me nightmares.

  4. Nigel Curtis says:

    Lance Ryan is doing Siegfried. Somebody give him a wakeup call (see Slipped Disc entry the other week !)

  5. Mark Stratford says:

    Every year I look at the Proms prospectus hoping to see John Lill appearing.

    Why has this great British pianist fallen out of fashion ? The Proms archive has him playing 26 times at the Proms between 1969 and 1997. But not a note since – and he’s staill on great form.

  6. As well as the complete Ring cycle, the Proms includes complete performances of Tannhauser, Tristan und Isolde and Parsifal!

    Even for a Wagnerphile, that does seem a bit excessive, especially given the paucity of offerings from Verdi and Britten, the other major composers with a centenary or bicentenary.

    Oh and an all-ladies Last Night eh? Does this mean Kennedy will turn up in a dress?

  7. itrinkkeinwein says:

    Bryn Terfel for the “Die Walküre” Wotan and Nina Stemme for all three Brünnhildes will be a real treat, especially given Barenboim’s expertise in Wagner.

  8. itrinkkeinwein says:

    K. Petrenko and M. Petrenko and V. Petrenko.

    Reference at top is to Vasily Petrenko in the Beethoven 9.

    Mikhail Petrenko sings Hagen in the “Gotterdammerung” for Barenboim.

    Kirill Petrenko’s new prominence in Munich — as GMD of the Bavarian State Opera — means that going forward a mention of conductor “Petrenko” will be as incomplete as a mention of conductor “Davis.”

  9. Thanks for warning me about the late night Stockhausen. I’ll make sure I’m somewhere else!

  10. Unless I am mistaken, not one single Prom – excluding the Last Night, which is more a national party than a concert – is being broadcast LIVE on television, not even the First Night (“Broadcast on BBC Two later [in the] evening”). It appears that no less than 27 are being recorded for later broadcast, some using the really annoying “tape-delay” mechanism, such as showing at 7.30 a concert that started at 7! As they have to clear some TV airtime to broadcast them anyway, why on earth not clear the airtime when they are actually being performed?

    My only conclusion is that those who run BBC TV’s classical music output are desperate to package the programmes neatly – terrified of how to deal with any overruns (never a problem with sport!) – and feel they need to be able to edit the often ghastly dumbed-down interviews/interval items marshalled by [names omitted by me as my opinions are obviously personal, albeit strongly held] et al to fit neatly.

    Why are radio presenters completely at ease introducing and presenting live concerts, whereas television presenters are almost invariably overwhelmed by what they perceive to be their glamorous, glossy and often trivial contributions? Please, no answers and certainly no names – danger of slipping into defamation territory!

    Not so long ago Radio 3 had a policy – happily now reversed – of recording most evening concerts for broadcast later “as-live” (often even lying, especially with opera broadcasts, that the broadcast was actually live). Radio 3 – and listeners – understand the difference between a live-as-it-is-performed concert or opera as opposed to a later broadcast of the same thing. Listening to a live performance is a totally different experience with a frisson completely absent from a recording, however short the delay.

    Many of the TV broadcasts will (eventually) be shown on BBC4 – why not put all of them on BBC4 actually LIVE as they are performed? It is probably too late for the BBC schedulers to do anything about this – that they have this policy anyway shows a fixed and uncomprehending attitude to classical concerts – but perhaps they could have a re-think for 2014. Or perhaps they are planning to do the same thing with the live Radio 3 Proms!!!! If it’s cheaper to do that – and the Minister for Culture is told the BBC could save money this way – remember you read it here first!

    • Quite right – every concert should be broadcast live on BBC 4.

      • Martin, have you any idea how much that would cost?! It’s not possible, especially with BBC4 budgets. And also, not every ensemble or soloist or conductor agrees to be filmed.

        • I meant that, as the 27 were being recorded, these 27 should be shown live, not every Prom. I think 27 is in fact a good number: it is just such a shame that, having invested in the cost of having the cameras there, BBC TV denies us the live relays.

          As for “not every ensemble or soloist or conductor agrees to be filmed”, I believe that anyone contracted – at not inconsiderable fees – by the BBC should have in their contracts a clause permitting at least one TV broadcast (as well as the sound broadcast). The same should apply to the Royal Opera House, ENO and any other organisation where substantial public funds are provided.

          • Performers rarely refuse permission to be filmed, and BBC fees are noted for being high…… Also, contracts for performing at the ROH (and many other theatres….) allow for one’s performance to be broadcast on radio or TV without any additional payment……..So it is certainly not the expense of artist’s fees which is the deciding factor…….

          • Sorry, typing error: that should read; ” BBC fees are NOT noted for being high……”

  11. What a waste, doing concert opera. Total waste.

    For me, Proms programming has been very average since the late, great John Drummond ran the show.

  12. Speaking of anniversaries, why is there no Hindemith? (50th anniversary of death)

    A major and influential composer of the 20th century but arguably not very fashionable these days … unlike Wagner, it would appear.

  13. Istvan Horthy says:

    Barenboim is probably the most famous living conductor but I’m afraid his conducting does nothing for me. On the other hand, if Riccardo Muti had been there to conduct Verdi, I would have queued all night for a ticket.

    • Agree totally. After the Beethovenfest (not my favourite symphony composer) of last year – with Barenboim – some of us would have welcomed a rest from him. I found his performances last year very ‘self before music’; & can’t see that altering this year. So: VERY disappointed there’s such swathes of Wagner, and barely a nod to Britten or Verdi.
      Will make a point of going to The Stranglers late night, though!

      • Sorry, don’t agree about Barenboim, especially in Wagner…….strange to be judging him on his performances of a composer’s work you admit is not your favourite…..but I accept we all have our own tastes and opinions!

  14. Bob Nichols says:

    What has happened on HD TV to proper classical music on the proms with top conductors, we used to get at least sometimes a recorded broadcast at night, but now ———– ? and so many epic concerts that BBC could put onto Blu-Ray are wasted, ie Barenboims Beethoven 9 — and Liverpool RP Manfred

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