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Ballet dancers go missing

The big story in London dance is that Russian bad boy Sergei Polunin has dropped out of Midnight Express at the Coliseum. Just vanished. Again.

Elsewhere, Cuba says it has lost seven dancers in Mexico. Defected, it says. Jumped right over the wall.


Meanwhile, at the Bolshoi( don’t ask).

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  1. Graf Nugent says:

    Is this classical dance’s version of that old Russian string quartet joke?

    • He is pushing public sympathy to its limits. It’s just plain selfish to drop out at the last minute, and disrespectful to Igor Zelensky who has done so much to support and rehabilitate him recently (with spectacular results). I know Polunin has had emotional problems in his upbringing but biting the hand that feeds you is not a good move.

  2. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of sitting through an evening of Schaufuss’s choreography will know that this is the most sensible decision Mr. Polunin has made in years.

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