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Copland, Bernstein, Foss and Fine ask, what is American music?

We’ve been sent this remarkable radio discussion from Tanglewood, 1950.

Tune in, and step back in time. Click here.


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  1. Fabio Fabrici says:

    Are they talking about the USA or are they talking about America?

  2. Which conductors programme the greatest American symphony ever written – Roy Harris’s 3rd?

    Nobody. Shocking!

    • harold braun says:

      Leonard Slatkin does!!!The greatest living champion of American Music!!!And he does it not only at home,but also abroad in Europe.Truly the Koussevitsky of our time! He really should get an award!!!

  3. This is great. Who is the interviewer?

  4. Arthur Krieck says:

    To answer Alan’s question about Harris’s Third: Toscanini. Or do you mean, today? An entire generation of pre-serialist American music has been neglected, for far too long.

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