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Alma Mahler’s house for sale. Here’s the guided tour.

The property at 6900 Los Tilos Road in the Hollywood Hills is being advertised for sale. It’s the house where Alma lived for three years with her third husband Franz Werfel after their arrival in Hollywood, the scene of many parties for the Hollywood exiled intelligentsia. The couple eventually moved to 610 Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, where Werfel died in 1945.

This is Alma in front of the house with their new car. Werfel can be seen on the right, leaning agaist a tree.


Full video viewing of the property can be obtained here. The asking price is $2,295,000.

los tilos

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  1. Would have been a no no for Mahler. No Pool.

  2. I am picturing Walter Gropius going from room to room at the open house looking at all the horizontal surfaces with a smirk on his face. Then again I may have the order of things mixed up a bit here. . .

  3. Curios that LA seemed to be a good fit for Heifetz, but somehow it seems way too tacky for Alma…the house is, of course, lovely, but in a rather ordinary way. But then, she was a woman of many facets and surprises…

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