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A Song for Boston

A ballad by a college student has been getting airtime in the Boston area.

See what you think:

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  1. Francis Schwartz says:

    My warmest congratulations to young Steffi for a most moving song. It is part of a long tradition of musicians who use their art as a vehicle to express their loves, fears, joys, protests . Thank you, Steffi. Your song and performance refresh the atmosphere far from the the jungle of the music business.

  2. Hilltowner says:

    Moving and beautiful. Thank you Steffi.

  3. Nandor Szederkenyi says:

    To me, the interesting part is always to see who are the firsts to get to the business after such events. (also memorial concerts etc.)
    Certainly, this song, like it or not, will make a nice kick to this girls’ singing-career.

  4. Beautiful. Thank you, Steffi.

  5. Beautiful song, beautiful music, beautiful lyrics, beautifully sung. Wish I could buy it on iTunes. Keep writing!

  6. Wow this made my day! Thank you all so much! I can’t express it enough just how touched I am by your kind words. Boston has become my home away from home and I just wanted to help in any way I could. I still am involved in trying to help heal Boston, singing at hospitals etc. Having your support makes me so happy! Thank you!!!

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