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New composer kicks off with full-bore wrestling bout

Paul Swartzel heard his first classical music in the wrestling ring.

Watching the Saturday-morning bouts on television as a boy in North Carolina, he was struck by the music played for the entrance of one the gladiators. It was the opening of Also Sprach Zarathustra, and Paul got hooked.

He’s finishing his doctorate in music now at Duke University and has made a 23-minute music film about wrestling, submitted with a 40-page thesis on the history of music in professional wrestling. Be one of the first to watch. Enjoy. I did.
 Hat-tip: Eric Ferreri at Duke U.

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  1. James M. Frase-White says:

    Thank you. That was a lot of fun, with unexpected dashes of musical delight. Mr. Swartzel has balanced his influences well, blended the childhood fantasies of superheroes and music with melodic flair, and a sweet sense of humor.

  2. Speaking of wrestlers and music, check out this old video of the original performance of “War Games” for extended percussion and 2 professional wrestlers by composer Dr. Walter Mays. This the Wichita State University Percussion Ensemble conducted by JC Combs from about 1981. (And I was at its original performance.)

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