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Who’s the next chief at La Scala? You guessed…

The Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, has drawn up a list of possible candidates to succeed Stéphane Lissner the year after next.

According to reliable sources, he has included the Met’s Peter Gelb, although Milan could never match his $1m++ salary, followed by Nikolaus Bachler, who’s unlikely to leave Munich at this point, and Bernard Foccroulle of Aix-en-Provence.

Among Italian contenders are Antonio Cognata, formerly the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, and Sergio Escobar, of Milan’s Piccolo theatre.

Claudio Abbado, it is said, has experessed a preference for Pierre Audi of Amsterdam.

But the front-runner, by a league and a half, is

pereira girl

Alexander Pereira, fatally unsettled director of the Salzburg Festival. So they say.



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  1. I’m not asking this question to be snarky; I’m seriously interested in answers, or at least discussion.

    Why on earth would anyone actually want that job?

    Maybe it’s because only the bad things make the news, but based on what we read, it seems like running La Scala would be nothing but one headache (migraine) after another.

    • Marcel Lange says:

      To cement for eternity, that he’s the best subsidy and sponsor money collector of them all.

  2. Graf Nugent says:

    No mention anywhere of Gérard Mortier? Pereira’s a wily businessman, though…

    • Mortier said in an interview this month (not available online) that at his age, Madrid would be the last house he runs. At the same time he also said he wouldn’t rule out running another festival…

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