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What the next Wayne Rooneys are fighting over

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic runs a Sistema-inspired In Harmony education project in West Everton, breeding ground for footballers and one of the more deprived and miserable urban areas in the country.

Some 283 kids are involved, and 68 of them are joining the orchestra in a concert this afternoon.

Orchestra people were sharing tales of their Everton ventures at dinner on Hope Street last night. One said that he’d seen a couple of kids, ten years old, beating the hell of each other on the dingy streets. Separated, the boys were asked what they were fighting about.

‘Bowings,’ said one.


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  1. John Kelly says:

    Yes, that sounds like your typical Scousers.

  2. Peter Leay says:

    “Bowings” ?

  3. Peter Leay says:

    Ah — think I’ve got it. Bowings as in bowing a violin [other stringed instruments are available!]

  4. Fantastic! So many exciting things happening in Sistema Europe world, what about this recent clip from Baris Icin Müsik in Turkey, guided by young experts of Sistema Guatemala: many of these players have only played their instruments for four months, or less. How’s that for an inspiring challenge to the Western music school system?

  5. Chris Walsh says:

    Thank God they hadn’t got as far as discussing fingerings. The knives would have been out!

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