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What are the Wagners fighting over now? A keyboard

It was the old man’s practice piano.

Great-granddaughter Iris says it’s hers.

Bayreuth want it back.

Court decision: Send it on loan to Leipzig for bicentennial display until the museum at Bayreuth gets its act together.

agner tafelklavier

Worth fighting over? Only if you belong to the wrong kind of family.

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  1. Graf Nugent says:

    Of course it’s worth fighting over: there’s only one and it belonged to one of the greatest composers who ever lived. Imagine if it had belonged to Mozart or Beethoven; there’d be no cynical sneer in the tone, then.

    • Dean Wiliams says:

      It’s funny that you call it a cynical sneer. When you look at all of the other very public spats that this family has had, it looks to me like a way of saying, ‘here’s more of the same old pathetic stuff from the Wagner family.” Wagner himself was a great composer; this article, and many others that I have read from different sources simply underline the fact that his heirs have been very dysfunctional.

      • not all of them. Wieland Wagner was a remarkable talent.

        • Michael Schaffer says:

          Indeed. And not all of the Wagner family were/are evil, bickering Germans. Some of them were really nice English people, like Houston Chamberlain and Winifred.

  2. Fabio Fabrici says:

    Wrong family? Because they are fighting over inheritance? Sounds like a rather average family to me.

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