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Wagner gets bronzed in Bayreuth: first pics

The tourist office has put him out on the street.

wagner bayreuth3wagner bayreuth2

wagner bayreuth

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  1. Reminds me of a statue of Glenn Gould in Toronto.

  2. Graf Nugent says:

    …and me of Pessoa in Lisbon. The tourist office now has a wonderful location in front of a landscaped stream at the foot of the Margrave opera house (it used to be round the corner in Luitpoldplatz with the library, which has also moved…to Richard-Wagner-Strasse!), Café an der Oper and the lovely street, Opernstrasse, which goes up to the Goldener Anker and Sternplatz. I’m looking forward to getting back there this summer. Great place, Bayreuth.

    Mr Wagner does not seem to sit very comfortably there, it looks as if he has been hired by the tourist agency to dress-up as a ‘living statue’, to reassure American festival visitors that they definitely have arrived at the right town. Has he run-out of money again?

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