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Theft alert: Baroque violin has gone missing in Munich

Rachel Harris of Ensemble Schirokko in Hamburg has suffered a devastating loss. Here’s what she tell us:

At around 10:45pm last Friday (15th March) I left my violin in the Munich S-Bahn (local train), which was then driven empty to the depot. Despite my immediate efforts to try and get it back, it has not yet turned up. I have been to all the lost and found places possible, and also to the police.


violin rachel


If this violin and also my baroque bow turns up, or is offered to you for sale (even possibly at an auction), then please contact either me (details at the bottom of this email) or the German police immediately. Attached are pictures of the violin. It was in a shaped case with a blue cover.

Inside the violin is written (as far as I can remember) “Anno 17… fecit Venetijs….. Cobetti”.

The snakewood bow is made by Ina Keller, the name is stamped on the stick at the heel.


Contact Rachel via the ensemble here

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  1. Mark Stratford says:

    Gidon Kremer did similar on a US train, but was lucky enough to get officials to retrieve his Strad at the next stop.

  2. monika otter says:

    This happened to an acquain tance in New York. On the advice of others, he put up little posters all around the subway stations, with a number to call and the promise of a small reward.
    For weeks nothing happened; then he started leaving his leaflets in the train, and almost immediately someone called who had “found” the instrument. I guess he had discovered in the meantime that unless you have the right connections, a stolen viola da gamba isn’t easy to dispose of; so he was more than happy to take a small reward and be on his way.

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