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The worst news you’ll read today: Sweden is opening an ABBA museum

Call it a cultural Waterloo, a cynical chase of money, money, money.  It’s too late to protest: Stockholm is about to open a museum and tat shop for its most celebrated musicians since….. well, exactly. Abba is it in Swedish music. Read the BBC report.

abba tat

photo: BBC. Museum curator Ingmarie Halling used to be the band’s stylist.

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  1. Emil Archambault says:

    What’s the matter?

  2. Petros Linardos says:

    I think that these headlines are worse:

    Bombs at five Iraqi Shi’ite mosques kill 19

    Taliban suicide bomber kills 12 in Peshawar

    Even within Slipped Disc, Robert “RZ” Zildjian’s death sounds (to me) worse than the news about the Abba museum. BTW, Abba is not my cup of tea.

  3. Peter R. says:

    Why not a museum for Bobo Stenson, Palle Christenson or any other of the many great Swedish jazz musicians?

  4. John Kelly says:

    The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland probably also qualifies for similar derision……………

  5. David Boxwell says:

    If Bjorn and Benny are good enough for an Anne Sophie Von Otter encore, they’re good enough for me.

  6. For crying out loud, what is your problem? Perhaps it’s envy because you can’t write a hit tune yourself?

  7. Come off it guys! What’s your problem with ABBA? They recorded some of the most enduring pop music of the 70′s. It was brilliant pop music then and it’s brilliant pop music now. That’s why it’s stuck around. Whether or not a museum for them is a good idea is another question.

  8. Kundry's Therapist says:

    Why is this such a disaster, Norman? ABBA were talented songwriters and performers, respected professionals, global superstars. I suspect their contribution to the Swedish economy and tourist industry was not negligible either. Protesting too much, perchance?

  9. Great! I love ABBA. This is the best news I’ve read today.

  10. Another of these rather snobby comments mocking those whose musical taste is not as oh so refined as (y)ours.
    Yes we know it is low brow, but so what ?
    ABBA brought a lot of enjoyment and happiness to many many people. And still do.
    They made the world a slightly better place.
    Can you say the same Norman ?
    Your own comment of last week is fitting: “save the bile”.

    • Agree.

      This sort of talk gives the world of “classical” a bad name. It serves no purpose other than encouraging people to poke fun and parade their superiority.

      As far as I’m aware, visiting it will not be compulsory. Leave it alone for those who want to enjoy it.

  11. OK. This is not so bad.

    In Seattle there is a museum which was originally planned as an homage to Jimi Hendrix. It has apparently evolved & is now known as the “E.M.P.” – “Experience Music Project”. a museum dedicated to pop music, pop culture and (?) science fiction.

    The project was conceived & subsidized by megabucks Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The whole idea sounded at first like a rich computer baby boomer indulging his teenage fantasies. But this is the clincher: what Mr. Allen lacks in cultural awareness he compensated for in choosing an architect for the museum.

    The museum building is designed & built by Frank Gehry. It looks to be spectacular.

    So who knows, maybe there’s hope for the Abba people!

  12. Not my type of music, but no more stupid than opening a museum for the Rolling Stones or even kathrine Jenkins.

    Oh I can think of something worse in the UK.

    Opening a museum in celebration of those many Operpaid Spoilt Brats called Footballers – take you choice there’s hundreds of them

  13. Marguerite Foxon says:

    I think its fine – like an Elvis Museum in US or a Beatles Museum in UK. Id say Norman was short on news and thats all he could dig up. Lets celebrate their success – great music for working out to in the aerobics room!

  14. Yair Sachs says:

    Before any more slapping is inflicted on Norman, let us look at his headline again:
    The worst news you’ll read TODAY:…
    It seems that even Norman himself left it open for worse things to come!
    Let’s hope nothing worse does occur,
    greetings for Easter and for a good conclusion of this ‘Pessach’ feast,

  15. 19thCenturyGentleman says:

    And you wonder why you get labelled as opera snobs…..

  16. Michael says:

    In my view the world is clearly divided into two camps so far as ABBA are concerned. The first love ABBA, whereas the rest just feel embarassed to admit they quite like ABBA. I defy anyone who is not (s)tone-deaf or has survived a sense-of-humour bypass operation not to tap their feet and smile when hearing any of half-a-dozen of ABBA’s great classics. ABBA are much more talented and enjoyable to listen to than those so-called cross-over “artists” who merely crossed over from never having been opera-singers to pretending to the world that they can sing opera!

  17. TerryAB says:

    ABBA had produced exceedingly polished pop music beautifully sung and totally jam packed full of amazing instrumentals. Many of their songs have an underlying sadness, a hurt felt in the pit of one’s stomach, while others are energy packed and immediately begin to fill a dance floor upon the opening notes.

    Some of ABBA’s best and most sophisticated music came at the end of their career with songs such as ‘Put on your white sombrero’ and ‘I am the city’ … a depth that goes untouched in today’s often sorrowfully bland music of mindless lyrics that often repeat but a few simple sentences. Indeed, take me back to the 70′s and 80′s any day!

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